We published the "What's going on in Japan now?" page.

We published a page informing foreigners who are visiting Japan about what is going on in Japan.


This page translates news articles released by Japanese media into English using Translator Text API of Microsoft Azure.

The reason for publishing this page is to disclose what is going on in Japan now for foreign travelers staying in Japan.

For example, suppose that a foreign travelers was unfortunate and suffered a disaster such as an earthquake in Japan.

At this time, foreign travelers will be investigating what happened on the Internet.

However, in news from countries other than Japan (including the home country of foreign travelers), it is expected that reports will not be made in real time.

Then foreign travelers will become uneasy. Because they do not know what is going on in Japan right now.

In order to prevent these situations, we decided to publish a page that translates and displays the news reported in Japan into English.

Currently, the page shows the latest 10 of the news released by Japanese media.
In the future, not only the news published by the Japanese media but also the rapidly rising word analyzed from twitter etc will be released.


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